Things About Bail Bonds You May Not Know

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Little Known Facts About Bail Bonds

A bail bond may appear to be a straight-forward business. However, there is more to consider, especially when one is signing a bond for another person. Being aware of the rules and regulations in such a situation is imperative to be aware of so that you do not have things come back to haunt you after bailing out a friend or family member. Continue with this article to learn more about the facts about Bail bonding you may not know.

  1. Bail Bonds Are Not Available in Every State. You may be interested in learning that private lending services for bail bonds are, in a few states, not allowed. You will have to use your own money if you happen to reside in Kentucky, Nebraska, or Wisconsin when needing to bail a loved one out of jail. Those living in Arizona can use bail bonds.
  2. Bail Money is Not Essential in Every Instance. Say the individual you want to bail out of jail was incarcerated due to a minor offense, or misdemeanor. You may proactively call a bail bond agency in your area like Didn't Do It Bail Bonds in order to secure their release in a timely fashion. Be aware, in this situation, that money may not be required. Rather, the judge may agree to the release on the individual's own recognizance, so long as they agree to return for their court appearance.
  3. One Must Do More Than Simply Appear in Court. If you sign for the bail bond of someone else, it is great news if your loved one does appear for their day in court. However, this doesn't place you off the hook. The individual you signed for must adhere to any orders of the court as well as regulations set by the company that provided the bail bond. Say that the court orders your loved one to enroll in an education program for those who have struggled with drug addiction. Or, the judge may require the person you signed for to stay within the state for a specific amount of time. If they did not follow directions in this regard your collateral could become forfeit. That, to say the least, could damage the relationship you have with your loved one.
  4. A Bail Bond Agency Has A Lot of Power and Authority. Bail bondsmen offer services independently of the government. With that said, they have a number of weapons n their arsenal, so-to-speak, to protect their interests. For example, they may enter the residence of their client without obtaining a warrant. They can also pursue a client across state borders. While few countries do honor bail bonds, the Philippines and the United States are the lands that do use a commercial bail system.

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